Research shows that 90% of marketing doesn’t work. We’re here to confirm the 10% that does and channel your marketing spend into what delivers a true ROI for your business.

TrAccountable eliminates the guesswork and helps to give ownership back to you. Become a marketer in complete control of your campaigns, and prove that you know what your advertising is achieving.

What is TrAccountable?

Measuring outcome and performance is a crucial element in continuing to create effective campaigns. TrAccountable is a bespoke media tracking software from Media Agency Group developed in house as a unique tool which allows us to measure and manage the performance of our clients campaigns.

We can spot trends, refine date, lift metrics and most importantly - get closer to your audience.

Are your marketing decisions working positively?

Return on Investment. The three words that every marketer wants to know. TrAccountable enables you to monitor every channel of your media campaign in real-time – tracking how your campaign is working for you. Giving unprecedented access to true CPA and ROI, TrAccountable delivers complete transparency and enables maximum marketing success.

TrAccountable Graph

Be accountable for you marketing and gain advantage over your competitors.

Maximise potential

Maximise return

Using the TrAccountable system Media Agency Group can deliver: